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Reviews are important for companies since they are their major trademarks. New and existing clients view the reviews of the other clients to get a better understanding of the kind of experience they had from working with the company. All reviews both good and bad are important to organizations since they help them work on their strengths and devise ways to improve their weaknesses. This is the same case for our Kuala Lumpur escorts since they want to understand the experience that you had with them. However, as a client, before you write your reviews on the services that you received both good and bad, it is advisable you put some things into consideration. These factors are:

How easy was it to get in touch with the Malaysian escort girl?

It is normally thrilling when you can make a booking and settle everything with your escort in one call. This excites the clients and when writing the review it is important that you pen down the process of contacting the Malaysian escort in Kuala Lumpur. Some things like how fast she responded to your call, her phone etiquette, the ease of booking and highlight if the contact details given on their profiles are genuine. It is also important to tell us if your conversation with the girl that you booked went on phone highlighting whether she was rude or friendly. Special requests made to the escort girls should be pointed out so that other clients can feel free to make their requests to the girls. These KL escorts are well known for catering to our clients’ needs thoroughly as we take into serious considerations our customers’ requests and work to ensure that all their needs are met.

Arrangements on meeting locations

Most clients consider the chosen areas for their meetings private and would no want to disclose this aspect of their experience. However, at other times the escort girls are the ones that chose the location for their appointments when requested by the client. In such a case, when making are view based on the location that the girl chose, you should consider the following: how accessible the place of meeting was and if the directions that the girl gave directed you to the right place or you got lost. These two factors will help us know if the location of the meet up was convenient or not.

Your experience with an escort

The most important thing about reviews is the experience you had with the escort girl that you booked. We would like to know if the date went as you imagined or was it a disappointment to you. The reviews should give a picture of your interaction with the prostitute. Was she interesting and spontaneous or was she boring? Was the environment friendly enough to calm you down and let you enjoy your date? Your review will help other clients know if all the services that you had initially agreed upon with the escort girl were delivered and if you would be interested to book the girl again. Local KL escorts is interested in getting a picture of how you felt during your date but not a graphical description of what you did during your date.


There are rare incidents were you might find the girl that you had booked is not the same girl that you meet during your date. These could be as a result of technical errors or at other times they could be due to their photos being enhanced in order to make them more appealing. It is also good to give your review and give the red flags that you might have encountered so that others do not face the same fate. However, it is unethical to write the girl’s personal details on the review page as you will be endangering her and will not have respect for her privacy.

How to write your review

Much time is spent by people trying to figure out how to write reviews for prostitutes. However not much attention is given to the urgency of how to read a review by a client. It takes time for people to learn how to interpret reviews properly and understand the content written. Here are some tips on how to read reviews without getting the wrong interpretation of the review.

In every story, there are two sides and people, when reading reviews should understand that they are getting this story from one point of view. While passing a judgment it is crucial to have that in the back of your mind so that one party is not judged too harshly due to bias of the reviewer. One escort girl might be booked by a client by their date does not go as planned and the client gives a review about his session with that girl. The same call girl will go with another client who will be satisfied beyond his imagination. This shows that it is vital to keep in mind that one person’s experience is not the next persons experience. 

Everyone that contacts Kuala Lumpur escort agencies has their own expectation of the date. Reviews help the readers find people who have the same expectations as them and to be able to see which escort girl in Malaysia delivered the services as they expected. It should be noted that the impact of reviews on the readers is normally relative.

Too personal experience

Some reviewers might make their reviews look so personal in such a way that it might appear as if they are reviewing the escort’s livelihood. It is vital to understand that the reviews do not go beyond the experience that the clients receive from the escorts and the physical looks of the escorts. This is because their physique is normally the tool of trade in such a business and the reviews should not be a place that readers get to judge the livelihood of the escorts.

Since us as human beings always feel the need to tell people of our experiences, whether good or bad, have the tendency of exaggerating these stories out of the ordinary. This also goes to people who want to give a narration of their sexual encounters with strangers, who in this case are the prostitutes. These people feel the need to make their experiences sound like the novel worthy experiences just to get attention of their listeners. This urge is increased when the story they want to share is on the extremes of unusually good or unusually bad.

Most reviews are based on the two extremes and occasionally you will find a review written by a client whose session went on as they had planned with the escort girl. Some client’s use our review platform as a place where they can give their story and might at times exaggerate their experience just to make the readers envious of their experience and to satisfy their desire to tell people how satisfied they were. It is essential that readers of reviews understand these thing so that they do not expect too much from the escort girls from one man’s point of view influenced by his need to tell a story that is out of this world. Therefore, people should not only master the art of writing reviews cut also reading and understand the reviews free of bias.