Starting as an escort in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

When starting an escorting business, it is expected that you might be nervous and excited at the same time. Prostitution can give you the best life that you have always desired. However, a lot of input and hardwork is required. If you are lazy and not willing to pay the price of becoming an established escort then you will have a very hard time. Some of these KL escorts work privately and even have their own websites. Other escorts started out by working in brothels while the other group began working through an agency. Whichever method you start out with doesn’t really matter, the end result is that you want to earn a living offering escort services to clients. For the sake of those ladies out there who may be wondering how to create a rewarding career as an escort in Kuala Lumpur, we have compiled a guide that will help you achieve your career goal. Let’s start by understanding some basics.

Support Groups

Local escort girls in Malaysia have support groups for both moral and career advancement help. Ideally, when you attend the support groups, you get to meet with other girls in the escorting industry who will share their experiences as well as tips on how to have a successful career. Learning from people working in the same field as you offers the best platform to gain survival tips.

The other way you can access information about escorting in your location is through reading about legislations that govern the business in your area. Depending on the laws of your location regarding prostitution, you need to package your services such that you don’t get on the wrong side of the law. 

Quality Photographs

If you want to succeed as a local Kuala Lumpur escort, then you have to create a profile using high quality images. By now am sure you know that men are visual and will be attracted to a beautiful call girl. Then, you should use their weakness to your advantage. Yes, visit a photographer who will take some of your best photos in different poses and outfits. It is also understandable if as you start you cannot afford a professional photographer. If that is your case, then you have to make sure that the camera you use produces quality images.

One tip that you should use in making sure that your photos are attractive enough is using the right color contrasts that depict warmth and glow. At the same time, you want to use images that trigger thoughts in potential clients such that they can already imagine being with you. Such photos are not best taken in bikinis and posed in swimming pools. Rather, lingerie and other sexy clothing should be worn. Also, take the pictures in a bedroom setup to lure clients into mind provoking thoughts.

Some clients want escorts to act as girlfriends during important occasions. As such, play around with different outfits as you take photos. You can try some in lingerie while others can be shot in official and casual outfits. By so doing, you get to capture different clientele who will use the photos to visualize whatever escort services they want from you.

Shun away from using fake images. Always use your real photos even if you are not confident enough. It is a turn off to clients whenever they set up a meeting with an escort but whoever shows up is different from who they saw on the photos. Such clients would feel frustrated and chances are that they can even walk away and cancel the meeting.


Most call girls value their privacy. You can crop out your face from photos or pose in such a way that the face is hidden. Professional photographers have a way of making the face blurry or even using your hair or hands to hide your face. Most escorts in Malaysia who don’t show their face may be tempted to use other people’s photos. However, do not be tempted to try it because it not only portrays you as dishonest but also prevents you from getting clients who book your services for who you are. Confidence is paramount if you want to venture into the escorting industry. Let clients book your services after admiring the real you.

Service Fee

When starting out, it becomes difficult to set out prices for escort services. However, this is a personal choice. You are free to charge what you feel you are worth. Either way, it is wise to compare prices charged by other KL escorts to ensure that your price range is within the acceptable range. Yes, clients compare prices before settling down on one companion. However, some malay escorts admit that charging high prices has enabled them to target a particular standard of companions. But as you start, it is wise to begin with the market prices then raise prices as you gain experience and establish a client base.

One mistake that a new escort can make is allowing potential clients to negotiate her charges. Don’t be surprised, just like any other market; clients are likely to negotiate no matter how low your prices are. As much as you may be desperate to close a deal on a booking, do not lower prices for clients who negotiate. Firmly let the clients know that your prices are non-negotiable. However, you can let clients know that you can offer discounts to clients who book your services for many hours. Well, you should not feel obliged to offer discounts as it is all up to you but, when starting out, your aim is to attract as many clients as possible.


Once you have a collection of quality photos and have determined your price, the next step is creating an identity. Whichever identity you decide on, it should be unique because that is how clients will know you from now onwards. An escort identity doesn’t need to be her real name. You can come up with any nickname that you would want your male companions as well as fellow escorts to refer you with.

Avoid beginning your career with confrontations with other escorts from Malaysia by conducting research to confirm that the name you choose is not currently used by another escort. Clients get confused when more than one person is using one name. When you create a sweet name for your escorting career, then you are set for a wonderful journey.

Benefits of Using One Identity

Some escorts may want to change names as often as they like. However, it is not advisable because your return clients cannot access your details if they search you by your old names. Besides, it seems suspicious if you keep changing your names and clients may not trust you enough to book your services. It always seems as though you want to hide something or even bad reviews from previous clients hence the need to change names. Therefore, always stick to one identity.

Determine your Mode of Contact

Stating to clients the method you prefer to be contacted through makes your work easy. If you state that you want to be emailed, no one will bother you with endless calls even when you are having a family meeting or you are at your regular workplace.

Since you want to create a boundary between your private life and your escorting career, it is advisable to have a separate phone number and email for your sex work. By having different contacts, it will save you from the confusion of whether the person contacting you is a client, a friend, or a relative. That way, you are able to keep escorting separate from your other life.

Kuala Lumpur escorts who have been in the business for long advice new entrants to have a different work phone from the one they use for their personal activities. It is quite cumbersome to keep changing numbers on one phone. At one point you may end up sending a message meant for a client to a friend which can tarnish your public image.


Every business requires massive advertising to help it grow and gain clients. With prostitution, it is no different. You have to market your escort services with reliable and prominent sites and agencies. It makes no sense to advertise your escort services with some agency somewhere with little to no customer service.

When you use some shady Malaysian escort agencies, it will be difficult for you to edit your details whenever you want to. It even becomes worse because when you want to contact the customer representative for the same and you cannot reach them through phone or email. What happens when you decide to quit escorting? Does it mean that your details and record will remain online? These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself as you seek a Kuala Lumpur escort advertising directory.

Furthermore, you want to use a directory that receives many visitors each day because it increases your chances of getting noticed and eventually getting that magical call or email regarding a booking. Some sites are not trusted by clients. Some uncontrolled sites could even lead you to a freak that might spoil your imagination and even scare you to an extent of quitting.

You must spend in order to earn more. As such, do not be scared by fees asked for by advertising directories. As long as you have verified their genuineness, then invest in advertisement. It is also not a crime to advertise with different directories because only then can you reach out to more possible clients.

As you advertise your escort services, make sure that the texts you use on your profile allure clients to contact you. Let your ads speak to your clients. Remember that escorting is categorized under the service industry. To differentiate yourself from the rest of the Kuala Lumpur escorts, you have to creatively advertise your services.

Here are some few tips as you choose an escort advertising directory.

  • Has a 24 hours customer service
  • Allows you to edit or delete anything from your profile-
  • Has a large web presence
  • Receives high human traffic each day
  • Do not charge exorbitant prices

The Escort Industry at a Glance

Most aspiring escorts fear venturing into the sex industry because they feel as though they will not climb up the ladder to become the ‘it girl’ in the area soon enough. It is true there are many escorts and the industry is quite competitive. However, several things will determine how well you maneuver your way around.

  • Your pricing
  • How you package your services
  • How well you advertise yourself
  • Which advertising directory you use

What does it take to be a Successful Malaysian Escort in Kuala Lumpur?

Makes most new Malaysian escorts to give up and seek other ways of earning is the get rich quick mentality. Just like any other job, you have to be patient enough to withstand financial storms. Do not give up just because you have not booked any client within the first month. Perseverance and determination are key to helping you build your escorting business.

Concentrate on understanding what clients want. After knowing what your clients want, package your escort services to suit these needs. However, do not claim to offer a service that you are not comfortable with just because clients demand it. During your meeting, your companion may demand the said service and if you seem uncomfortable offering it they will know and may never book your services again. Claiming to offer a service you cannot offer comfortable portrays you as dishonest to your acquaintances. An escort business thrives from honest and trustworthy relationships between KL escorts and their companions.

It may take you years of hard work and advertisement before you can create for yourself a successful escorting business.  If you keep pressing on you will get worthwhile clients who will help you forget all the trouble. Besides, escorting is a lucrative job that can help you achieve some of the financial dreams you never thought you could achieve.

Importance of Creating a Regular Client Base

As much as there is a thrill that comes with meeting new acquaintances each day, establishing regular clientele is ideal for regular income. KL escorts who have been in the industry for a long time can admit that when times are tough and financial storms have hit hard even on potential clients, they survive on regular clients. This does not mean that regular clients do not have financial problems they do but of course you will not lack even one booking your services each day.

Having to meet a regular client gives an escort some comfort of familiarity. Establishing a long working relationship with a customer allows you time to know their likes and dislikes. With a new client, you have no idea about their personality or even whether they could be weirdoes who want to try out creepy fetishes with you. All the same, this is not meant to scare you from new clients. 

However, caution should be taken to avoid clients falling in love with you. Yes, they are human and cases have been reported where a client meets an escort for a very long time and they eventually get some attachment. Emotions when dealing with clients could ruin what was once a healthy working relationship governed by principles into a toxic one filled with jealousy. It is advisable that if a client develops feelings you should cut all ties with him no matter how cordial the relationship has been previously. Otherwise, it may end up badly between the two of you or even destroy the reputation you have worked really hard to earn in the industry.


To succeed as an escort, you have to put in a lot of hardwork and patience. Using high quality images, creating one unique identity and sticking to it, proper pricing, and massive advertisement via trustworthy escort directories you can be sure to succeed as an escort in Kuala Lumpur. All the same, as you meet new clients, make sure that you offer them a memorable service so that they can become your regular clients. Regular clients can help you meet your financial needs anytime even when times are hard. If you practice these guiding tips, you can be sure to earn a living as an escort whether you are doing it full time or part time.