A Man's Guide- How to Book Malaysian Escorts in Kuala Lumpur

The art of interacting with escort girls is not taught in school. This is unfortunate because learning to interact with professionals in the pleasure industry is something most people everywhere could benefit from. Consider this guide your own private tutor on how to enjoy the singularly satisfying world of Malaysian escorts.

Though the details and technology have changed over the centuries, the need to discover a path to physical satisfaction has always been part of being human. Whether you need lovely and mentally stimulating dinner companions or breathtakingly beautiful women who don't make any small talk, you can find the qualities you seek from KL escorts.

Breaking the Stereotypes about KL escorts

There is no reason to avoid or fear your own needs. Doing so is masochism, and unless you happen to enjoy hurting yourself, it's probably not good for you. No man should go without feeling deep gratification and yet a surprising number do. Escort services exist to fulfill this need, to act as a go-between and help you connect to a part of yourself that is all too often demonized, repressed and ignored. It is not bad or wrong to have needs, but suppressing them can certainly affect your health and wellbeing negatively.

Perhaps you have hesitated in the past because of stereotypes. The image of escorts as TV street prostitutes can stick in your head. Diseased, down on their luck and malnourished addicts who live lives of pitiful abuse as they walk the streets, or inhabit some filthy brothel as a last resort, makes great TV but it isn't real. The reality is unexpectedly pleasant and not so dramatic. Most Kuala Lumpur escorts are clean, and well fed. They do not fear their clients or have pimps waiting to beat them in the next room.

These girls are generally attractive, pleasant young women who actually enjoy their work and make decent money. Obviously, not everyone on earth is a genius, but don't assume your escort will lack education, class, and understanding of issues well outside the realm of her profession. In fact, most escorts in Malaysia choose their line of work because they want to do this job.

Being a high class prostitute allows them to dress nicely, pick their own hours, manage their finances however they please and spend time with clients who, by and large, are generous and grateful. Your sex companion is a professional. Her work is the pursuit of pleasure and she takes pleasure in doing it. Consider for a moment what life would be like if everyone were simply able to spend their time focused on creating a more enjoyable experience for those they interact with.

When you think about it, you can start to see how this is not such a bad job and why someone beautiful and young might actually consciously choose to become an escort in Malaysia. It is not a bad fate, but rather a wise choice if you have the skill and motivation. Certainly, it will pay the bills. Sex workers are not likely to struggle with meeting their basic needs as people in some lines of work are forced to do.

Why Pay if You Can Have it Free

Men often find themselves making this unreasonable comparison. Seeing an escort is not dating, and it does not have the challenges or requirements of dating. There are no long term expectations on either side. You will never need to concern yourself with the sort of impressive rituals most couples go through. There is no family to impress or social pressure to meet her friends or coworkers. Your companion will never wonder where you are when you aren't with her. You pay call girls for their services, not for their qualities as a girlfriend or wife. You cannot get that for free.

An escort is not like a girlfriend even if you ask for a 'girlfriend,' experience. She will not pass judgment on your sexual preferences and she isn't going to 'get a headache,' and ruin the night. She is likely to find joy in helping you get what you need sexually. Not every Kuala Lumpur escort wants the same things, so it is necessary to look around a bit to find the one who suits your desires. However, once found, the right girl is happy to do what you want in bed without the pressure a girl you might date would create for you.

Sometimes you may have trouble finding the right person to date. You may be over eager to get to the sexual aspect of the relationship and you may be too forward. Contrarily you may not be forward enough. If you lack experience then seeking a professional is an excellent way to remedy the issue. You can get laid to relieve the tension and still have the input of a professional to guide you toward better interactions in your day to day life.

A good Malaysian escort will give advice on how to deal with women if you ask for it. They will probably even admire you for asking, and they certainly will not judge you badly for caring enough to want to do right by the women in your life. After all, they are women just like any other and they understand that satisfying your lover is important. You can learn valuable techniques and tricks from from the sex workers if you want to raise the bar in your personal life. 

Nothing is Truly Free

Consider also what happens when you have so-called 'free,' sex. Under normal circumstances, this happens one of three times. You have a one night stand, a girlfriend or a wife. There are some similarities with all of these, most importantly, you will probably be having the sex someone else wants to have. When you have sex with someone you know there are inhibiting factors, like whether or not they may speak to others (who you also know) about the sex you have. This severely limits your ability to relax and enjoy the sex you want.The up-front cost of an escort is simply easier to see.

A one-night stand is limited. The woman is usually a totally unknown factor. You cannot tell in advance whether the sex will be what you enjoy. You cannot even know if it will be any good. Such is never the case with a professional. The girls have good sex because they are not limited in this way. They are in business because having good sex is good business.

If you are having your sex with a girlfriend there is the pressure of maintaining a relationship that is in its courtship stage. You essentially have to impress, not just the woman you are with at that time, but also the woman she believes she will be if she continues to see you. You have to impress her family, friends, and co-workers by giving her what she needs to remain faithful. Though many men don't phrase it this way in their heads, it is still true.

When dating the pressures of where your relationship is going and how soon it will arrive at this destination are ever present. While there is certainly nothing wrong with dating, this is hardly the most conducive arena to explore your own carnal and sensual needs fully. In order to become a completely self-aware and satiated sexual partner, seeing an escort can help. It is necessary to find a good balance between being a wonderful partner and being a fully satisfied man.

This last point is also true in marriage. Having a wife at home means many things, but perfectly enjoyable sex is not always one of them. For some men, their partner is simply not enough, or does not share their interests, but is otherwise an excellent mate. There is no reason to break up a good relationship, especially one which has lasted many years, simply to get the attention your libido needs.

For older couples, post-menopausal wives simply do not have the level of desire they once did even if they are stellar bed-partners when they do engage. Seeing an escort for release and sensual activities can be the best way to maintain a good relationship. Though it is rare, there are even some wives who suggest and approve of such things overtly, preferring the open communication and surety that they can only get from knowing their husband's needs are handled by a professional.

One of the best things about paying for an escorts' time and skill is knowing that your other relationships will not be affected any more than they are when you pay to go out and do any other enjoyable activity. However much an escort may like having you personally as a client, it is still a business relationship. Why should she risk cutting into her own pocketbook by ruining that aspect of your arrangement with her? The answer is simply that she wouldn't. Good professional Kuala Lumpur escorts know their place, and it is never in your personal life.

Know What You Want and How to Get It

Your desires and needs are the most important part of this transaction. Without them, there is no need for an escort. However nervous you might be asking a woman you are dating for something, you should strive to be completely open with your Malaysian escort. They are consummate professionals and they have heard requests and fantasies of all kinds. Try not to let any preconceived notions rob you of the best sex you could have simply because you are afraid to ask for what you need.

Many men have particular desires that are hard or even impossible to satisfy at home. Booking an escort to make a reality out of these ideas and wants is a very practical decision. When you know what you want and are willing to talk about it, you will find that professional KL escorts can usually accommodate you. Some girls have particular specialties, and each one has different proficiencies. One may make an excellent dominatrix, while another is exclusively anal.

Don't be afraid to ask. The business of pleasure runs on these sorts of needs and whatever it is that brings you to your climax, there is a girl who knows how to handle that request. Some high-end girls make more than lawyers and CEOs because they are so good at satisfying specific unusual needs.

Booking and Payment

Actually booking an escort service can be the biggest hurdle for some men. If you feel the need for anonymity it is easy enough to get a 'burner phone,' for a few ringits and use it to make your first appointment. This is one of many practical ways to avoid detection if you are concerned about any potential consequences for your actions.

Many escort services are clearly listed in telephone directories. You will find ads for them in larger cities as well. If you prefer, however, you can use our sex directory to find the right agency. When you call them, be prepared to answer basic questions about when you need your appointment and what sort of girl you want. Have some answers prepared.

If you use SexKL directory to book escorts in Malaysia, you will be able to simply peruse the pictures to help you narrow down what you like. Looks are one way to narrow your choices. Check the profiles for other important features. Most profiles will contain details like her age, weight, race, hair and eye color and what services she has available.

Once you have direct contact information you should email your companion. Having some exchange with her prior to actually meeting will help give you a better idea who you are dealing with. You can negotiate the terms and discuss what it is that you desire from her. Feel free to do all of this from a temporary email account that you don't use for other purposes. This gives you another layer of common sense protection when it comes to avoiding any troubles with getting caught.

Some sex workers and clients prefer to discuss things over the phone or via a video chat like Wechat or WhatsApp. These are all fine options. Go with whatever makes you the most comfortable and what your escort suggests. She is a professional and knows what she is doing. You will find she is discreet and nonjudgemental.

A Short Guide To Women

Local girls are often mysterious and beautiful, but they are ultimately female, and they want and need the same things as other women. All women care about their lovers' hygiene. If you shower and groom yourself well before any rendezvous without being told to do so, you will already be seen as a good client.

With very few exceptions (all of which you will likely be asked to pay extravagantly for) women like a man who is courteous. It is absolutely advisable to open a door or pull out a chair for your escort if such things apply in your situation. A modicum of manners will make your escort think of you fondly. Say please and thank you just as you would to anyone in the course of a conversation.

Most prostitutes frown on mouth-kissing, but there are other ways to show your regard that go beyond basics like not being rude. Hand her her clothing or robe when you've finished. Engage in a bit of small talk. Remember that women enjoy being touched as well. Simple shows of humanity and decency go a long way and respecting anyone who provides a vital service shows that you appreciate what you have.

You will find that escorts are as diverse socially as any other group. Some are excellent conversationalists, others are a bit shy about showing their knowledge. Some personalities are dominant and others more submissive. You will find bubbly and happy nympho girls, deep philosophical sex gurus, gentile teachers and any other sort of bedroom companion you might imagine. Some wish only to get right to it, while others enjoy taking their time. You do not need to limit yourself or compromise on your desires when so many escort girls are available in Kuala Lumpur to choose from.

Getting Ready and Meeting Up

It helps to prepare yourself ahead of time, particularly if this is your first meeting with local escorts. Reading a guide like this one is a start, but you need to be in the right frame of mind as well. If you are slow to excite you may wish to read sexy stories or even watch porn before you go to your meeting, though this won't work well for the easily aroused

If you have any mental reservations, this is the time to let them go. You are simply an adult who is going to spend time doing a common activity that feels good. Yes, you are paying to participate, but the same can be said of golf or most other fun things you might wish to spend your downtime working on for relaxation. There is no better way to relax than in the company of professional escorts. You will find yourself in good hands, literally and figuratively if you have taken the time to plan out your meeting accordingly.

You will want to take the time to bathe and dress appropriately. If you shave then do so, and if you don't then take whatever normal steps you would take to groom and ready yourself for any classy outing. Your escort girl will appreciate the fact that you took the time and you will likely find she is more enthusiastic about touching you if you don't show up sweaty. Rest assured, she is preparing for you as well. She will be clean, primped and well dressed when you meet because a good escort knows her worth, and the value of maintaining her body in a state of readiness.

Whether you have chosen to go to a hotel or selected an escort with an incall location, it helps to know where you are headed before you leave. You will not want to plug a meeting address into your GPS for practical reasons. Be certain you have a physical map you can dispose of, or arrange your transportation in advance if you plan to take a cab.

Be timely. When you are too early the escort may be unprepared. Leaving yourself time to wait around is unnecessary. It may interfere with her business, and more importantly, it leaves you sitting there looking foolish and possibly attracting unwanted attention and notice. The only exception to this is if you agreed to meet somewhere public like a hotel bar. It is not uncouth for you to arrive slightly early and have a drink to sip on while you wait. It can, after all, be pleasurable to watch her arrive. Just don't show up too early.

On the other hand, if you run too late you may have to cut your time short. Feeling rushed is not relaxing or sexy. In the worst case, your companion may think you are not coming and she could leave before you arrive. It is worth the effort to be there exactly when you arranged to meet.

Make sure you review any pictures you have of your escort and her personal details so that you can be certain she is the one you are there to meet as soon as you see her. The internet provides the opportunity to converse and exchange a few pictures beforehand.

Getting to 'It'

Sex itself is often misunderstood. Some men mistakenly believe that women do not want or enjoy sex, while others don't quite understand how to give a woman what she wants. Whatever you are seeking, you will get it. Of that, there is no doubt. You are paying to have those needs met, but there is more to a successful exchange than simply getting in and out.

Escorts generally bring whatever they need with them, or keep it on hand if they are working an incall location. This doesn't mean you should show up unprepared. Bringing your own condoms and lubricant are always a wise choice. It guarantees you will have products you know and trust on hand to use. Some men are more choosy than others and some brands simply feel better. Avoid lubricated, scented or flavored condoms as these may have ingredients that irritate skin. Get a good water based lube. At worst you will be safer and at best you'll be spoiled for choice between your supplies and hers.

Unless you specifically discuss not doing so, it is a good idea to touch the girl in pleasing ways. If you don't know how to do this, ask her to show you. Most KL escorts will be thrilled to have a courteous and caring client who wants to see them enjoy the time as well. You may learn something you didn't know, or you may find you enjoy something you have not tried before.

Feel free to brush hair out of her face, give a gentle caress, even rub her shoulders. It is alright to ease into things. If you are nervous, showing it or talking about it is actually a very good thing. A professional escort can help you get past these hurdles, and show you exactly how to initiate sexual contact with a woman in a way they respond to.

Don't be surprised if she touches you first when you hesitate, offers a small massage, or in some cases she may offer to dance a little for you. Escorts are versed in many styles of seduction, and they typically enjoy both giving and receiving attention. Some put on more of a show, while others have a more natural approach. Different situations call for different techniques, and as a professional, she probably knows this well.

If you are uncertain how to give her pleasure, but you want to see your escort enjoy herself, you can always suggest that she should masturbate for you or touch herself while you have sex. Most women know how to do this and enjoy their orgasms as much as you do. It can be fun and sexy to have her do this while you watch, and will likely turn you on as much as it does her. Impressing your escort with the desire to see her have a good time is one of the easiest ways to be a really great client.

A Pleasant Good Bye

When you have finished up there are a few final details. If you arranged to pay at the end instead of up front, this is the time to handle that exchange. Do so with prompt courtesy. It is alright to overpay or 'tip,' if you feel the experience was worth it, but do not make a big deal out of doing so.

Saying thank you, and even a hug or clasping of hands can be a nice touch. There is no need to add the extra physical contact if you don't feel comfortable about it, only if it feels natural to you. Likewise, there is no need for false flattery, but you may compliment her if your escort made you particularly happy or impressed you in some way. Do not make her any promises, she doesn't expect them from you.

If you would like to see her again, this is a good time to discuss another booking. Should you be in the area often because you travel, live or work near her, and you want her company, then it is entirely reasonable to book with an escort you like on a more regular basis.

While you are getting dressed or after you have paid she will likely make a phone call. This is normal. Girls check in to show they are safe, and even those who work strictly for themselves often arrange to make these calls for practical reasons. Some even go as far as to make a call or send a text after you have gone as well. Safety is as much a concern for the escort as it is for anyone. While it is not usually as dangerous to be an escort as Hollywood movies make it seem, common sense goes a long way toward keeping it that way.

Thank You, Come Again

Once you've had the escort experience a couple of times it will become easier. Choosing the right escort in KL can be a delightful and enlightening experience. You don't have to commit to the first girl you meet,that is one of the differences between hiring a professional and dating.Once you have paid for her time, you owe nothing more. The most important thing to remember is that when you spend time with a girl you should both have a good time. Whether you choose to see her again or not, the goal is the same.

Let go of your preconceived notions and fears and give yourself permission to simply be in the moment. If you find someone you have a really excellent time with and you do choose to return, don't be surprised that she seems happy to see you again and again. This is not an act, a good client is something escorts in Malaysia, and indeed everywhere in the world, genuinely enjoy.You can build a lasting relationship of a different sort if you wish to do so.

When you are with an escort you need not worry about what your social peers, your employer, friends or family will think. You are free to try new experiences, provided you have discussed them first of course. It is the right time to relax and pamper yourself. Indulge in the sensations and allow yourself to feel completely satiated. Take whatever time you need to ensure that both you and your escort are pleased with the exchange.

In our modern era, the idea of having a private mistress is considered a thing of the past, but this does not have to be the case. Your companion can become a regular source of relaxation and joy in your life if your pleasant interactions benefit you both. There is no shame in enjoying an adult relationship, and no one will ever understand this as well as a professional prostitute.

Of course, if you choose to see a different call girl every time you feel the urge, you won't have any trouble getting the variety you seek through interactions with escorts. Whatever you need in your carnal life, you can find a way to fulfill it through a agency. All you need to do is follow this guide and take the right steps to achieve your personal gratification.

An Afterword on Avoiding Trouble

It is not as common as TV and sensationalist news stories would have you believe that someone is actually ripped off by an escort. Likewise, it is not that often that a man is actually caught seeing a professional. It can happen, but overall, most Malaysian escorts enjoy their jobs. When you run your own business there is a great deal of pride that goes into the work you do and this creates a sense of loyalty to the business itself and the reputation a girl must maintain in order to continue to work for herself.

Unfortunately, it can still happen. Before you book there are some simple additional tips to help keep you safe from having any complications.

If you have a good friend or honest coworker who you can trust that regularly uses an escort service in Kuala Lumpur, asking their advice can actually be a good way to find a nice reputable place to call. He may even be able to introduce you to a great girl who can provide your every erotic need. Unlike discussing this with anyone else, which you should absolutely never do, a man like this is equally 'at risk,' which can create a bond between you.

You may even find a friend with whom you can create a mutually satisfying 'cover story,' to allow you both to go and have your needs met. Men get together often enough to play billiards and drink, hunt, golf, play chess, or whatever else they have in common. A good friend who shares your need can be the best way to create good misdirection so others don't catch on to where you are going if you wish to have regular visits with your sex companion.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a friend. Still, there are plenty of other ways to make sure your time with an escort is safe and fun. You can always check reviews for the service you are considering. The internet is pleasantly anonymous if you want it to be and many men feel quite comfortable leaving a review of the services they receive. If you have a wonderful time, consider contributing your own to help others in the future.

Ask the right questions. Make certain you are not only asking for what you want but also getting a fair price up front. A little bit of haggling is often considered normal, so don't be afraid to negotiate if you feel a service is genuinely asking too much. You don't want to overpay just because you were too timid to say anything. Paying for an escort should not mean you automatically pay the premium unless that is the service you are seeking.

Alternately, be aware of the going rate and avoid anyone or any service that is undercharging. Luring the unsuspecting into compromising positions is often done by making an offer so attractive it should have been obvious that it was false. Don't allow your overexcitement to cloud your judgment and prevent you from seeing when something is a little too cheap. Trust your own instincts here. If it feels wrong, pick another call girl. There are, after all, plenty of them, and most are simply doing their job in a straightforward manner.

When it comes time to pay, don't hesitate or hold back. Most escort girls are happy to work and be paid, but there can be repercussions if you try to turn the table and refuse payment. Men who behave badly as clients are much more likely to suffer the wrath of a scorned woman. Avoid unpleasantness by having cash in hand and completing your transaction in a courteous and timely manner as agreed upon before you arrived. The end is not the time to suddenly try to haggle.

Practice basic situational awareness when you first meet a new escort in Kuala Lumpur. While almost none of them will ever be those ridiculous stereotypical horrifying creatures everyone watches in on film, there are bound to be a few bad apples. Watch the way your escort conducts herself. If she is pleasant, unhesitating and confident then she is accustomed to her work and probably has nothing to hide.

If you should chance to meet with a girl who seems furtive, and questionable in her actions this is your instinct telling you there is a reason for concern. In your daily life you may feel completely obligated to go along with a plan once it has been made, but in this situation, it is alright to decide to walk away. This is one of the better arguments for meeting in public the first time you book a new escort. It is also why many people prefer to video chat, email and talk on the phone first. Far from the delaying tactic it may seem like to the uninitiated, this is actually a practical precaution.

If you feel you must walk away from a situation, do not hesitate to do so. As a client, it is your right to choose not to have a service. In this case, you may wish to offer the escort a smaller tip for her time and travel as a courtesy for the lost income. This may seem like a bad deal to you, but it is likely to help avert any sort of scene or issue that might otherwise have come up, and it is the right thing to do.

Even in an uncertain or uncomfortable situation, there is no reason to lose your cool or forget your manners. Do not allow yourself to get drawn into a sob story or a further negotiation. Firmly hold your ground, and respectfully, gently decline to discuss it further. This last option also applies if the girl who arrives is not the one you have chosen. There is no need to pay for a bait and switch. If any other sort of business tried it you would, hopefully, not simply go along with it and the same is true here. You are paying for what you want, not for a substitute.

Final Thoughts

Kuala Lumpur call girls are an amazing way to spend your private time. Whatever your reason for wanting to get to know more about them, you have made a solid decision. Try not to worry about what another person would do or say in your place. Another person is not the one who will be having your enjoyable evening. If you take the basic steps to assure you are getting what you want, then you will find it is time and money very well spent. While no one wants to be cliched, there are experiences in life that you should not avoid. Having a night with an escort is certainly one of the opportunities you should not pass up.

Relax, do your research, ask for what you want, be a good client, don't fear the unknown, and you can have a truly unforgettable encounter.