Safety guide for Malaysian escorts in Kuala Lumpur

Working as an escort in Malaysia can be a lucrative and exciting career, but in order to enjoy these perks, it is important to be aware of the safety concerns. Just like other careers firefighters, there is always a risk being on the job. However, there are many ways to keep yourself safe on and off the job – let’s talk about them!

Always Screen Your Clients

There are various ways to screen clients: ask for photographs, chat on the phone, search them up on social media accounts, ask for e-Transfers before meeting, and even ask for references. Gathering a small idea of who you are meeting beforehand can help provide peace of mind. It is also imperative to remember that while screening clients is helpful, some may view it as a breach of their privacy. What this means is all independent Kuala Lumpur escorts typically value their privacy and so do clients. Be respectful of this and try not to pry too much, but enough to give your ease and comfortability before meeting them. If he refuse to send photographs or chat on the phone, question their integrity and do not meet up with them.

Practice Safe Sex

Safe sex is a must when working as an escort, in order to prevent sexual disease or infections. Do not rely on punters to bring protection all the time. Keeping a stash of condoms in your bag means you will never be put at risk or in an awkward situation. If a client refuses to wear a condom even though you have made it clear that you require clients to wear one at all times, then walk away from the situation. Some men may whine that condoms make it hard to feel anything, but this is not your problem. In addition to using condoms, taking birth control can help prevent unwanted pregnancy. The more protection you use as an escort the better. Another part of safe sex is getting health checks regularly. Punters will also be at ease if they know you regularly get tested for sexual diseases and infections.

Choose a Safe Location

Meeting a new punter for the first time can be nerve-wracking, as you do not know who the truly are. Putting yourself in a safe location can ease the nerves. For example, a busy hotel is a prime location in case you need to leave the room due to the client being creepy or rude. However, it is necessary to switch up the hotels you use so as to not draw attention to yourself. Try meeting a client in the hotel bar or lounge area for a drink first. Chatting with them over a drink and an appetizer can provide you with just enough time to get an idea of who they are and if they seem like a decent person. Dressing up in different attire or using fake names can help steer the attention away from yourself. Never meet a man in a remote location. Some Kuala Lumpur escorts prefer to meet the client at his or her house, so that they know where they live if they need to contact them later on about something. While some escorts in Malaysia do prefer having clients come to their home, it is rather risky, especially if you black-list a client who then knows where you live.

Know How to Get Out of an Uncomfortable Situation

Being a professional escort means knowing how to remove yourself from a sticky situation. Often times, Malaysia escorts feel like they are thrown into a lion’s den during the first few months to a year of working. This is a common feeling especially for those escorts working independently. For those working with an agency, security is usually taken care of and you have someone to call 24/7 if need be. If you are working as an independent escort, have at least two trusted people you can call at any hour to help you if in need. While you may never need to call them, it is important to know that you are looked after while on the job. A suggestion is to use a code word that you can call or text to them if you need assistance. Additionally, letting a close friend or loved one know where you are meeting a client is a great way to ensure if something goes wrong, that is where you are.

Keep Your Money Hidden

Visitors should never see where you stash your money, especially the ones who look sketchy. While it is a nice idea to want to trust all your clients, the truth is you cannot. When a man pays you before sex, leave the room and go put it away. For example, you can hide your purse under a bed, in a cupboard, or even stuffed in a sock or rolled in a jewelry roller. Escort girls in Kuala Lumpur are typically used to foreign clients, who vary in their ideas about privacy and space. As a sex worker, it is important to establish rules such as when you leave the room they are to not follow. It is also important to understand that some clients are unfamiliar with sex with escorts and may need to be reminded that your privacy is a must.

Have Them Sign an Agreement

This does not mean escorts should bust out a five-page document that requires ten signatures. What this does mean is escorts can type up a short agreement of a few sentences that says “In order to protect my safety and your safety, please return this back signed to confirm you are who you say you are”. The details can obviously be changed, but the idea of it is to have a signed document that only takes a few minutes for the client to sign and return. If something does go wrong, there is an agreement holding the client accountable. Additionally, it provides some peace of mind to the escort.

Be Clear About Expectations

Laying out your expectations to a visitor prior to meeting with them is an important step in keeping you safe. How you expect to be treated during all sexual activities need to be expressed, as well as your services. Often times, if men request a service that the escort has failed to specify they are ok with, it can create some frustration on the client’s behalf. Clients who do not know how to handle disappointment or who easily become angry can create an unsafe environment for the escort. Lay all your expectations out to a client before meeting and ask them if they are ok with it prior to your session.

Don’t Give Out Personal Details

As you become comfortable with a client and get to know them better, such as clients you have for several years, it may become tempting to give our personal details. For example, a client may ask if you have kids, a husband, or what area of town you live in. Do not share these personal details, ever! If you have to lie to protect yourself, do so. No matter how open the client is, this should not be an invitation for you to open up as well. On a side note, keeping your personal life private, such as who your siblings or parents are, will protect them as well.

Turn Your Phone Off on Days Off

Shutting down your phone on days off is a must. While it may be hard to not check your inbox because the money is so good, it is important mentally and physically to check-out. Spend the day off pampering yourself and spending quality time with your loved ones. Letting visitors in on your days off can lead to them becoming too comfortable. For example, chatting with a client on your day off and letting him know what you are doing can reveal too much of your personal life to them. Turning your phone off and letting clients know you will respond to their messages or take bookings on your next shift lets them know you have boundaries and have a personal life they are not involved in.

Stay Clear of Scammers

The majority of visitors are honest people looking for the company of an attractive female to fulfill their sexual fantasies. However, in the mix of good people are obviously bad ones looking to scam or hurt escorts. If any client tries to sell you on partnering with him or a company, always pass. You do not want to get yourself in a situation where you lose money or are hurt. Moreover, any client who tries to offer you things in exchange for free services should be black-listed. No matter how enticing an offer may sound, do not get tricked into anything. Keep your head and shoulders lifted and move on.

Use a Fake Name

Sharing your real name with clients is an easy way for them to search up your family and more information about you. Choose a fake name that does not sound fake. For example, Candy Girl is an obvious made-up name, but Brittany Walters is not. A fake name protects your identity and keeps your personal life out of the spotlight.

Do Not Allow a Client to Manipulate You

Building confidence takes time, but it is very important to have as an escort, especially as a new one. Clients who meet with new escorts may try to stretch the expectations a little bit. For instance, a cute, young KL escort girl who is looking for new visitors may be manipulated into sexual acts she is not comfortable with. Always stand your ground for your own safety. Once a client sees himself getting his way with you, he will try over and over again to do it. Your favourite answer should be “no”.

Never See a Client If You Are Drunk

After a few cocktails, it is easy to become flirty, lose your judgment and become a little spontaneous. However, it should never be an excuse to meet up with a client or even chat with them over social media. If you are out with the girls and have your phone on, it is tempting to chat with clients who may want to meet up with you when you are intoxicated. Having sex with a client while under the influence is an easy way for them to take advantage of you or even steal your money.

Take Note of Sketchy or Challenging Clients’ Possessions

It is difficult for some escorts to turn away clients who seem difficult because the money is often so great. If they have never treated you badly but come across as being a little odd, keep note of specific details about them. For example, the car they drive, outfits, hair-cuts, tattoos, piercings, body weight and structure, hands, voice, eye color, cologne, race, and age. If something does go wrong, you will have a detailed description of them.

Being an escort in Malaysia comes with challenges just like any other job. Being smart and aware while on the job can protect you and keep you safe at all times. Keep these tips in mind before meeting with a client or taking on new ones. While the escort business is a fun and exciting environment to be involved in, escorts must take necessary precautions to keep their safety their number one priority.