Gifting Ideas for Kuala Lumpur escorts

Let’s face it – many men find little to NO joy shopping for acceptable gifts for an escort girl in Kuala Lumpur. They take is as chore – from figuring out an optimal gift to buy to the actual buying and finally presenting it.
Generally speaking, anniversaries and birthdays require a more thoughtful and more romantic gift. While holidays and its spin-offs require you to take some time off and indulge your inner child for fun and more personalized gifts. That’s another way of saying the gifts you pick -- more so the romantic ones, need to showcase your attentiveness to her preference, with an added layer of creativity and some aspect of your personality. A tough call for anyone who’s never bought a gift before.
After racking your brain for possible gifting ideas, but you still can’t get your brain to think past the usual pedestrian ideas, what do you do?
You look outside for some sound advice on the perfect gift to get for your favorite girl. Your options abound, but only with the right kind of thinking.
In this spirit, you might want to read the rest of this article for a clear guide on how to get the perfect gift for an escort you cherish to the bone, and which guarantees you a joyous gifting moment.

When visiting Her at Her Home

If you’re visiting an escort from Kuala Lumpur at home, it makes more sense to get her an intimate gift; one that allows you to know her on a personal level. An epic example of such a gift is a fragrance she loves.
The problem comes with selecting the scent she’d love. This is important as selecting a wrong one would mean you’d have wasted a significant amount of your hard-earned cash, given the expensive nature of fragrances.
The culmination of an intimate gift is a more personalized gift in the line of lingerie. You could even purchase a skivvy if you wish to see your girl model. All you need to do is develop an excellent taste and pay attention on the brands she wears and you’re good to go.
Read this bearing in mind that the gifts you get aren’t just about her. You could also use this as an opportunity to satisfy some of your long held sexual fantasies.

Personalized Gifts

You can dazzle her with personalized gifts such as watches and jewelry. All escorts in Kuala Lumpur love them because they’re both romantic and functional. Plus you don’t have to waste too much time thinking about the perfect kind of jewelry they’re going to like or if it’s going to fit.

If you can afford, go for a diamond stud—these ones never go out of style and your girl is certainly going to love you for it.
But first, try finding out if she already owns one to avoid adding it to a pile she already has.
If you’re completely stuck on what to go for, a simple choice would be a diamond solitaire. It’s however important that you try to find out about the taste your woman has – does she prefer flashy, sparkly or an understated elegant piece?

Shower her with an elaborate bouquet of flower

Kuala Lumpur escorts are always excited about flowers. They’ll heartily welcome your gift and warm up to you because of it. That’s because flowers are a clear indication that you really care about her.
It’s however important that you make a point to go and pick the flowers yourself instead of calling a florist to deliver it on your behalf. That’s because, the extra effort of going to look for the flower yourself is what actually sends the gesture that you actually care.

Encourage Her Hobbies

Find out about her hobbies and encourage them by buying her a gift. If she’s got love for scuba diving or sky diving, treat her with the experience.
If she’s into photography, buy her a photography class or a new DSLR camera if you can afford one. A ticket to an upcoming event or concert can also come in handy at a time like this.
Take some time to learn about her passion and interest, and you’ll get some clues about the type of gift to get for her.

Steer Clear of cheap, run-of-the-mill gift ideas

If you thought about it out of thin air, without giving it too much thought, then don’t buy it. Examples include cheap chocolates and fragrances – especially those with shouting, annoying smell. If the gift can be found in almost any imaginable store in town, then simple logic demands you don’t even consider buying it.
Goes without mentioning the garish underwear, made from cheap fabric or the pre-packaged flower bouquet you can easily find in a supermarket near you. Sex toys including dildos also fall among the list of gifts to completely disregard.

It’s a wrap

Whatever you do, you certainly don’t want to be the guy that shows up with a box of gift, only for it to be thrown away the moment you step out of the door. Plus it doesn’t hurt asking. If you can’t think of a nice gift idea, why NOT ask her. 
Here’s a way to frame the question

“I’d love to get you a gift. Do you enjoy chocolate or wine? If she says no, well and good – you can always try something else. Or even push further by asking her for some ideas. 

But more often than NOT, the responses they give will be in the line of “I love wine. But I only drink white.” Or I’m NOT big on alcohol, but I do love chocolate.”