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CIM escorts in Kuala Lumpur

Allowing a man to ejaculate in her mouth without a condom is both the most subservient sexual act that a woman can do for a man and one of the most intense sexual experiences a man can have. Oral sex is not uncommon in the modern world where every act is just a few clicks away on the Internet and everyone has seen pornography. There's little mystery to it anymore.That's where CIM escorts in Kuala Lumpur come in.

Most women will go down, if only to get a guy up and ready for penetration. But getting a wife or girlfriend to let you cum in her mouth happens so rarely that it's often jokingly called "The Birthday Blowjob" as an indication of how seldom it occurs.

CIM Escorts know that one of the reasons men come to them is so that they can have experiences that their wives and girlfriends won't engage in. The more services they have in their "bag of tricks," the more money they make. Of course, carefully jacketing that dick in a condom is much safer, but for a price--anything is negotiable. But you can expect to pay a considerable "service charge" for that condom you're not wearing. Not to mention the good long look and scrubbing you're going to get before she finally gets down to business. Kuala Lumpur escorts who provide coming in mouth will usually be willing to indulge you at a price.