Why Do Men Use Escort Services in Kuala Lumpur?

Many people wonder why men would use the escort services in Kuala Lumpur. Often escorts are seen as homewreckers due to the fact many clients are married. They are seen as evil, and their services are looked down upon. But these people that are quick to condemn the services provided by escorts in Malaysia are those who are not actually interested in the answer to the question. So, let’s answer that question now.

A) For something to brag about amongst friends and “because a friend dared me”
Men love to talk to their fellow men about their sexual encounters, as do women (more than you would think). Booty calls are fun and fashionable and men will brag to their mates about their latest conquests, and not just ones in Heli lounge bar where they hooked up. They can’t wait to share the news with their close friends about the girl they hired for some really dirty fun. Some will say that it was a friend who gave them the phone number and they only called it to see if it was really the number of an escort or not.

B) For quick sex without pillow talk.
Some men don’t want the hassle of making morning small talk with a woman they slept with when they wake up with a hangover and a stranger by their side. Kuala Lumpur escorts don’t stay the night and most importantly they are not after a relationship. So, they are perfect for men that want discretion and a good time and don’t want to be pestered after the hookup. Discreet and professional malay escorts will never call or text you, unless you have arranged to meet and you don’t show up. It's not just men that don't want relationships though!

Also escort services in Malaysia are so much easier than have to go through the process of finding someone to chat up at the bar. A lot of money gets wasted in bars by men who think they have found a woman up for some fun, only to be blown off because all they were after were some free drinks. An escort however will always be warm and gentle and sexy and make you feel special. This is their job and it means that there is nothing to lose when you hire an escort, but a lot to lose if you spend your nights traipsing around bars. The attention you receive will make you feel special, and who cares if other people in the bar suspect you are paying money for such a sexy lady to be by your side. Chances are that they might even be jealous!

There are times when you may choose for your lady to stay overnight with you. But it will be on your terms and there won’t be any awkward conversation in the morning or strange looks. Neither the escort nor you will want or expect more than what was discussed and paid for, and neither party will be left wanting more.

C) Escorts Instead of Mistresses

Now let’s get things clear here. Men are not the only ones who are unfaithful. Women do it too, and chances are that you are guilty. The vast majority of people both male and female will have illicit sexual encounters at some stage in their lives. That's right. Both men and women have affairs. Well, it does take two to tango doesn't it? So, let’s talk about why using escort services is better than having a fully-fledged affair. You may what the difference is? The difference is that an escort will not try to end a marriage, demand that you get a divorce, or expect you to run away with them. They will never become emotionally attached to you, but they will spoil you and make you feel sexy.
The escort professional is a very discrete one. When you choose to use one, you never have to worry about text messages asking about your day. In short, it is a lot easier to cover your tracks and it won't matter if your wife looks at your phone when you leave it lying around.

D) Unhappy Marriages or Need to Explore Outside of Marriage

A lot of men who book the escort girls in Kuala Lumpur are married. They see using escorts as a way to fulfill their sexual needs and desires if they are not being met at home. Men often don’t see this as cheating as there is no emotional attachment involved. Marriages often go stale or there is no sex once babies arrive. But you still need to have your sexual needs met, and using an escort is a way to do so without hurting anyone or risking the end of your marriage.

As a married man who uses an escort you won’t feel judged for what you are doing. This means you are going to enjoy the experience a whole lot more too. If you are not getting what you beiieve to be yours with your wife, then getting it somewhere else is perfectly acceptable too.

Sometimes you may have a sexual fantasy that you partner won’t fulfill for you. Or you may be too scared to ask because you think it will upset her. So instead of rocking the boat you can book a local escort girl in Malaysia. A wide range of services is available, including all the things you have always wanted your wife to do but have been too scared to ask. As the escort who you visit is a stranger it is the perfect way to indulge in fetishes or fantasies you have.

E) Fear of Rejection or Failure to Get a Partner

We all get lonely sometimes and we don’t always have an available partner with whom to have sex. It could be that you work long hours or away from home and don’t have time to socialize in bars. So a quick way to get what you need without the fear of rejection is to call upon the escort services.You might be surprised to hear that being shy can work both ways. In our personal lives, we escorts can actually be shy too. I can tell you that I am, and once I finish my jobs I am one of the shyest people you could ever meet. I would never dream of chatting up a guy at a bar.

A lot of the men that I service are very shy. When I ask them why they are single, being shy is one of the most common responses I hear. These men however are normally really confident in bed, having great sexual personalities. They just don’t know how to make the move on a woman, but need sex like everyone else does.
All this is perfectly OK. Being single is OK, in fact it's great fun. Shyness is not so much fun though, but that's where our services come in.

F) Their Spouse Recently Died

Many men are not capable of entering in another relationship for many years. This does not however mean that they lose their sexual desire. Quite the opposite is the case. The gap that appears in your life needs to be filled, and for many people in a sexual way.

When you have lost your partner, you find a mechanism to cope with it. Some people take on a new hobby. Others crave the touch of another human and sex and for this reason they use our services.Many widowers will never enter in a serious relationship again. Even after they have finished grieving they may never wish to search for a new soul mate, filling the sexual void in their lives with escort services.Everyone has sexual desires, both men and women. But this does not mean that we have to have or need to have a relationship.

G) Commitment Issues

A lot of people in the modern world are quite happy to be single. Both men and women often are happy without a partner, or simply don’t feel the need to commit to a relationship. Many of these people are high flying businessmen and women who are too busy working to think about starting a relationship.These people are some of the happiest people there are out there. They don’t feel the pressure to conform or to be “in a relationship” on Facebook. They don’t need validation and are quite happy with the way they conduct their lives.

Others are afraid to make a commitment to someone. They think that once they do things will fall apart. They are scared to enter a relationship to then see it fall apart. So instead of allowing things to get messy, they use Malaysian escorts for their sexual needs. Not wanting to commit to a relationship is fashionable these days, and with our escort services, you don't need to in order to be sexually fulfilled.

Using an escort in KL is such a simple way to get what you want when you need it. Both parties agree, and no one expects more than just a physical encounter.  There are lots of different reasons men come to escorts. Our business is not wicked and we are not home wreckers. If you can think of another reason to add, please leave a comment below.