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Kuala Lumpur Massage Escorts

Did you now you can experience an amazing orgasm through an erotic body massage?  Some of our most beautiful escorts offer erotic massage as a service, and clients leave as satisfied as if they just had mind-blowing sex all night. Our escorts have the perfect touch – leaving your entire body or just your penis tingling for days. Let us tell you that you don’t have to engage in sexual intercourse to orgasm with Kuala Lumpur massage escorts. There are a few types of erotic massage that escorts may offer.

Soap Massage

This bubbly massage takes place in a bathtub or shower. Typically, both parties are naked but one person can just be naked. The escort choose a tantalizing soap and lathers up your body, paying close attention to your penis. After she lathers you up and erotically massages the soap into your skin, she then rinses you off with warm water. This massage is perfect before sex, as it leaves the skin clean and ready for intercourse.

Sakura Branch

With this massage, escorts engage in soft biting, licking, kissing, and touching. The call girl will lather your body in a massage oil that will stimulate all your senses. Afterwards, she will engage in touching your body with her mouth in many erotic ways. The Sakura Branch massage is so powerful and tender that it will make you want to orgasm over and over again.

Nuru Gel Massage

This sensual massage combines soft rubbing with soothing gel. The escort will take her time massaging your skin and bringing you pleasure with each hand movement.

Happy Ending Massage

This is by far one of the most popular massages requested by clients. This massage incorporates a relaxing full-body massage and a hand job or blow job to finish the treatment. Clients love this massage because the body massage builds up the sexual tension between the escort and client and allows the client to release all sexual tension with a happy ending.

Erotic Thai Massage

Most of our KL escorts deliver this type of body massage. Their soft, delicate touch rubs the genitals and other erotic body spots so perfectly, leaving the body in absolute bliss.

What to Expect During a Massage

You can expect the massage aspects to all be the same, such as a Happy Ending massage ending with a blow or hand job, or a Sakura Branch massage involving soft biting or kissing. Always come to the massage clean and smelling good. You will want to avoid applying any body lotion or cologne, as this could interfere with certain oils or gels the escorts will use during the massage. Cost of KL escorts with massage services will differ in prices. Usually they charge 100-300 ringgits per session. Always inquire about pricing before booking any massage escort to avoid any disappointments or surprises.
The next time you are looking for pleasure, why not try one of these erotic rub downs with one of our stunning massage escorts.