Escorts in Malaysia and STD's - how to protect yourself?

If you are not used to getting or offering escort services, you might be having doubts and lots of questions without answers. You might be wondering about your safety, how you are supposed to behave when you meet an escort and probably if there are any side effects of being a Malaysian escort or getting escort services. Being infected with sexually transmitted diseases is one of the worries most people have because having sex with an escort increases the risk of getting infected especially if you are having unprotected sex. On the other hand, escorts are also worried about their safety because they meet many men and the possibility of getting infected is also high if necessary precautions are not met. I had an opportunity to talk to one of our divas about her escort life and I was perplexed because of what I came to learn.

At first, she was worried about becoming an escort because she did not know much about sex. Therefore, she had doubts about whether she will be able to satisfy a man sexually and if having a lot of sex will affect her physically and mentally. Since it was her first time in the escort world, contracting an STD was her biggest worry at the time.



Nevertheless, as she continued offering her escort services in Malaysia, she gained enough experience to help her understand that the risk of being infected is very minimal because they were advised to practice safe sex (use a condom during penetrative or oral sex). Ideally, escort agencies emphasize safe sex always to guarantee the safety of their escorts and that of their client. However, whether the girls practice safe sex is upon them because they are all alone with the client most of the time. Initially, when escort services were introduced in Kuala Lumpur, the agencies were very strict on the girls to minimize the risk of contracting STDs. The girls were supposed to practice safe sex at all times and should not have offered any extras such as passionate sex, kissing or oral sex without a condom. If one was caught being that intimate, she was sacked because the agencies were very strict and wanted to protect their girls at all times.

Malaysian escort agencies have started offering professional sex services by hiring beautiful and experienced girls to offer sex services at a fee. Escorts who have been in businesses for a long time make a lot of money, travel a lot and live in luxurious hotels. There are men who are hiring escort services for sex, company, and fun among other things and they are willing to pay a lot of money to get what they are looking for. As a result, agencies and escorts usually earn thousands of dollars after offering escort services for a few hours. This has made escort services a lucrative business in major cities and towns today.

Use condom during sex with escorts

Nowadays, things have changed because there are numerous agencies offering escort services. As a result, the agencies have become lenient, offered the girls more freedom and allowed them to do what they want just to maintain their clients and give them the pleasure they are seeking. In fact, escorts from Malaysia are known to offer what is called ‘The Girlfriend Experience (TGE) where the escort acts as if she is your girlfriend. This means that the client can be intimate with the escort by being intimate, kissing and having unprotected sex! When having TGE, you can get a deep French kiss, practice oral or penetrative sex without a condom depending on your agreement with the client. It is understandable that an escort can agree to perform these special services after being teased or caressed or when they interact with a client more than once. However, this should not be the case because safety should come first at all times regardless of the circumstances.

Finally, most of the escorts in Malaysia have adopted different methods of offering pleasure to their clients. This is done with an aim of getting more money, fun or to make the client return in the future. If you are worried you will get infected with STDs, you should insist on using a condom, refrain from kissing and being too intimate. It is also important to note that even though most escorts practice safe sex, there are some who are used to having unprotected sex with their clients. Therefore, you might experience some resistance when you request using a condom but you should always insist on safe sex.